Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Baby Jack*

At present I am caring for a baby Jack* who is 14 months old. When he arrived at 8 months, he could barely sit up independently, he needed help to stimulate his muscle movement, and strengthen his arms and legs.I have helped him stimulate his muscles with toys, allowing him to play on the floor where he is able to stretch and roll about. Within weeks he was able to hold objects, stretching and kicking his arms and legs.  Jack is now crawling and learning to walk by pulling himself up, holding onto the sofa and standing up in his cot.

Jack is settled and in a good routine. He goes to bed around 7.30pm and up the following morning around the same time. This is very good for his wellbeing as he has 12 hour sleep and wakes up happy and recharged.

This weekend Jack had didnt have a contact arrangement to visit his parents, so it was lovely to wake up and not have to rush around as I do during the weekdays.

Jack was up at his usual time of 7.30am for his morning milk feed today. My husband’s great because he always makes the morning feeds before he goes to work and at the weekends too. Jack is pretty much clock work with nappy changing just after his feed. He likes playing with his cuddly toys as he babbles away playing in his cot in the mornings.

We try to keep to his daily routine even at weekends, so he always feels confident and content. When I’m getting him ready for ‘contact’ or to take him out, I always talk to him letting him know where he’s going in simple words. So he is always aware of what’s happening next. This gives him security, confidence and avoids unnecessary anxiety.

Later in the afternoon after his nap, I took Jack out with my girls, shopping, and later to the park. I always ensure that the bare essentials are packed in his baby bag before leaving the house. ie. nappies, change of clothing, a drink and a snack. I also ensured I placed his buggy in the car.  Jack loves the outdoors and gets all excited when we go out. There is a beautiful lake nearby, where Jack loves seeing the swans, ducks and the birds.

In the evening we had family over, visiting. My family love the babies and young children I foster. They all get excited every time a new child comes in my care and are always sad to see them leave. They have been very supportive in what I do. Some have been CRB checked so they are able to help out and look after Jack should I need it. My young nephew and nieces love Jack and play with him whenever they come. They love all the children that have been placed with me and remember them often. When I prepare the “Life Story” album for my foster children, they like to have their pictures added in the album too, each child leaves with a memento of their time with us.

Jack is very much a centre of attention in our household, being so young and my kids enjoy playing with him. I get a lot of help from my husband and my children and we work very much as a team. I really couldn’t do it well, without them.

By 8pm Jack had had his bath and was ready for bed. He had his milk feed before bed which helps him sleep well throughout the night.

It's always a busy day with a baby but once Jack is sleeping, it leaves me plenty of quality time to spend with my family.

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